Portfolio consulting
Göran Gnaudschun
Göran Gnaudschun (* 1971 in Potsdam) studied fine arts with Professor Timm Rautert at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts. Since than he has received many scholarships, such as the “Arbeitsstipendium des Kunstfonds” (2013) and the “HannoverShots Scholarship” (2014). Gnaudschun was awarded the “Lotto Brandenburg Art Prize” in 2012 and the “Brandenburgische Kunstpreis” in 2018. In 2016/2017 he got a scholarship of the “German Academy Villa Massimo”.
He received much public attention with his book Alexanderplatz, a long-term project about people who have fallen out of society. In general, portraits, landscapes, texts and found material play a major role in his artistic work.
Portfolio consulting
We offer a review of your work in the context of a discussion with suggestions and criticism. We will give you advice and information on how to compile or develop your portfolio. Your current level of education is unimportant for this. Whether you are just starting to develop a portfolio or if you already have a portfolio for which you need criticism or a well-founded exchange.
For your individual appointment with Göran Gnaudschun please bring your work in printed form (simple printouts suffice).


27. April 2019 – open house
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