Weekend Seminars

In weekend seminars students are given the opportunity to expand their photographic skills and experience under the guidance of a faculty member and the class. Particular emphasis is placed on the individuality of each student. The aim is to present an independent and completed work after the seminar. In addition, the student receives further insight into professional fields of photography through communication with all the school workers. The student is also invited to participate in additional events and presentations of the school.

Evening Seminars
The evening seminars take place from 6 pm to 10 pm on a weekday regular fortnightly. It aims at everybody interested in photography and wanting to deepen their photographic work. The condensed interval between the lessons supports the students to work on their projects uninterruptedly and to exchange ideas about photography. Taking place in the evening, it also allows employed people to participate in the courses offered by the Ostkreuzschule. Furthermore, the students are invited to participate in additional events and presentations of the school.


– Minimum age 18
– Own photographic work
– Complete application documents
Weekend seminar: March 2018 until February 2019
Evening seminar: January 2018 until December 2018
Teaching units
Weeend seminar:
Total of 10 teaching days per year.
On a weekend day once a month – 8 hours, including breaks.
(Except the seminar with Sibylle Fendt which takes place on Fridays.)
Evening seminar:
Total of 22 teaching days per year.
On a week day twice a month – 4 hours, including breaks.
Tuition fees
€ 80.00 monthly plus 19% VAT
One-time annual payment receives 3% discount