“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport” – Steve McCurry

We are delighted to present the results of the fourth monthly theme of Life Framer edition IV 2017 – WORLD TRAVELERS. It was asked to expand the horizons with travel and travel-inspired photography, from the doorstep or 10,000km away. The theme was judged by Steve McCurry – a Magnum Photos member celebrated as creator of several of the most seminal images of our time – with many gracing the covers of National Geographic, TIME and Vogue Magazines.

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First Prize: Ruslan Hrushchak

“There’s an elegance to Ruslan’s compositional choice, with the religious paintings, flowers and statues closely framing these two women on each side – you can tell that it’s been set up with care and purpose. Despite that formality, there’s a warmth and unaffectedness to it – their sideways glances, into a natural light just out of shot strikes you as an apt reflection on faith. It evokes a strong sense of quiet companionship, and you’re drawn to the details – the positioning of their hands, the various fabrics, the leaves… but there’s a calmness, despite the level of visual information to absorb”. – Life Framer

Foto © privat

Ruslan Hrushchak,
Seminar Ludwig Rauch, Ostkreuzschule

Second Prize: Donell Gumiran

“Donnell’s image is immediate and absorbing – the silhouetted figure in Burka facing off with both her shadow and the huge eyes staring back at her, against an apocalyptic, fiery sky. It’s a brilliantly composed scene which finds something cinematic and symbolic, and highly relevant in today’s political climate, in what is an unexpected setting – a Guinness World Record attempt in Dubai for the biggest collaborative graffiti painting in the world, in commemoration of its 43rd National Day Celebration. What works is how Donnell has distilled the scene down to just these two women, and in doing so highlighting and celebrating them, in a part of the world where women’s rights are so contentious”. – Life Framer

Other winning photographers

Tariq Sawyer,
Claudio Rasano,
Dario Mitidieri,
Alina Fedorenko,
Jonathan Moyal,
Valery Melnikov,
Céline Jentzsch,
Andrea Rizzi,
Tarek Zaigouche,
Ella Mack,
Felipe Fittipaldi,
Dane Strom,
Myles Tankle,
Simone Noble,
Amy Tuxworth,
Kristina Petrosiute,
Vladimir Antaki,
Mélanie Desriaux.

Text: 21.12.2017

First Prize «WORLD TRAVELERS» © Ruslan Hrushchak

Second Prize «WORLD TRAVELERS» © Donell Gumiran

the winning images of the fourth monthly theme of Life Framer edition IV – WORLD TRAVELERS