Urban Exoticism 2

2022 Workshop in Athens
with Michael Grieve

The workshop
new dates: 18. – 22.11.2022

There will be a maximum of 12 students and will be held in english.
From 10am to 6pm each day.
Final night will be the presentation from 7pm to 10pm
Participation in or the implementation of a final exhibition is possible after individual consultation with the lecturer.

The venue
Workshop will take place at: tbd

The fee
450 euros
350 euros for OKS students (Direktstudium und Bildredaktion)
(not including accommodation)

to  apply
please use office(at)ostkreuzschule.de

more info about Michael Grieve here



Urban Exoticism 2

Urban Exoticism 2 is the second photography workshop conducted by Michael Grieve, based on the theme ‘urban exoticsm’, a term coined by the Greek art historian, Alia Tsagkari, as an alternative concept to experience and understand creatively the urban environment. This 5-day experience endeavours to help participating photographers find new ways of understanding the urban environment and spatial relations towards the realisation of subjective documentary projects that attempt to go beyond prevailing mechanized modes of thought.

The first workshop last November brought 12 photographers to Athens with a heightened awareness of strange juxtapositions, layering and hidden places that build up the uncanny fabric of the city. This workshop is premised specifically on the emptiness and uncomfortable heat of Athens at the height of the summer in August, a month where the vast majority of inhabitants escape to the beauty and supposed tranquility of the Greek islands. The emptiness and stillness of this time is a unique and prime moment for photographers to explore Athens from a dérive perspective that is a mode of experimental behaviour linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. It is an unplanned journey through a landscape, usually urban, in which participants drop their everyday relations and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there. The emphasis of these series of urban exoticism workshops is an experiential one, to engage in the process of making photographic work with a conceptual edge.

‘Urban Exoticism is an expression that circumscribes a perception of the metropolitan space that values fragments, unexpected juxtapositions and elements obscured by everyday experience. Revealing the mystery beneath the apparently banal surfaces of the modern city, it provokes the emergence of extraordinary realities drawn from the realms of the exotic, the erotic and the unconscious.’ Alia Tsagkari, Athens, 2021

Daily routine

Day 1.
Participants introduce themselves and their work. A lecture on Urban Exoticism from Michael Grieve and Alia Tsagkari.

Day 2.
Participants propose project ideas to be discussed as a group. In the late afternoon participants will begin to explore the city and begin to shoot.

Day 3.
Participants begin to show their work in progress. At this point problems and possibilities of projects will be discussed as a group.

Day 4.
Group meeting in the morning followed by individual tutorial with Michael Grieve. Shooting day.

Day 5.
Selection, editing and sequencing photographic projects to be presented in the evening to a public audience. Each participant will make an individual presentation an discuss their projects and experience. During 5 days it is not expected to complete a project, indeed the workshop is designed to explore and experiment. The presentation will be a discussion on the work in process.
(Participation in or the implementation of a final exhibition is possible after individual consultation with the lecturer.)



photo © Michael Grieve