Born in 1944
 in Wildeshausen/Oldenburg, Germany
Employment, secondary education, Abitur, studied history of art, history of photography and sociology at the University of Hamburg
1984 Promotion (phd): «Photography and Painting in Germany around 1900»)
Freelance work as a photographer (portrait, documentary and reportage), photo historian, journalist, academic teacher and curator. More than 500 dictionaries-, catalogues-, magazines-, -book contributions, and independent publications to historical photography as well as current topics.
1995 – 1998 curator “1. Ars Baltica triennial of photographic art” with photographic artists from the Baltic States in 10 venues
1997 – 2008 lecturer for history and theory of photography at the Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (FHTW) – University of Applied Sciences for technology and economics
2000 Team leader for a group of nine photographic historians researching the photo collections in the museums of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin
2004 and 2005 refurbishment of Martin Munkacsi’s photographic estate, curator of the exhibition of the Stern photographer Volker Hinz in Hamburg and Oldenburg
2008 – 2016 teaching media theory at the University of Applied Sciences of Bielefeld
2014 curator of the exhibition „Die Bielefelder Schule – Fotokunst im Kontext“ (The Bielefeld school – photographic art in context) and with Gottfried Jäger editor of the two-volume catalogue
Since 1989 Writer for the magazine “Photonews”
Lives and works in Berlin
Since 2005 Teacher of photographic history and theory at the Ostkreuzschule

Dr. Enno Kaufhold
In a world which is overloaded with imagery it is necessary to be able to read images. To teach the history of photography to me consequently necessitates a school of reading images, faithful to my conviction: The image is the source!

Larger stand-alone book publications

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Enno Kaufhold (ed.): «1. Ars Baltica-Triennale der Fotokunst. Die Wiederkehr des Vergangenen – Ende der Utopien?», Berlin 1996

Enno Kaufhold: «Berliner Interieurs 1910 – 1930. Fotografien von Waldemar Titzenthaler», Berlin 1999 (Nicolaische Verlagsbuchhandlung)

F. C. Gundlach (ed.), Enno Kaufhold, Klaus Honnef: «Martin Munkacsi», Göttingen 2005 (Steidl Verlag)

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Enno Kaufhold: «Berlin in den Weltstadtjahren. Fotografien von Willy Römer 1919 – 1933», Berlin 2012 (Edition Braus)

Enno Kaufhold, Christian Schad: «Werkverzeichnis Fotografie», Köln 2013 (Wienand Verlag)

Evelin Förster and Enno Kaufhold: «Ja, ja am Strande. Badekultur an der Ostsee von 1900 bis 1939», Berlin 2014 (Edition Braus)

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Ludger Derenthal, Evelin Förster and Enno Kaufhold (ed.): Berlin in der Revolution 1918/19 – Fotografie, Film, Unterhaltungskultur
Dortmund 2018 (Kettler Verlag)


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