photo: Anne Heinlein

1971 Born in Potsdam
1994-2000 Studied Artistic Photography at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig with Prof. Timm Rautert (diploma)
since 2000 working as a freelance photographer and visual artist
2001-2003 postgraduate studies Fine Arts at the HGB Leipzig with Prof. Timm Rautert (master’s degree)
2016/2017 Rome Prize of the «German Academy Villa Massimo», Rome
2015 HannoverShots scholarship of the «Hannover Stiftung»
2013 scholarship art fund
2012 Lotto Brandenburg Art Award
2000/2001 scholarship holder of the Barkenhoff Foundation, Worpswede
2000 1st Art Prize for Fine Arts, praised by «pro Brandenburge.V.»
«Wüstungen», Göran Gnaudschun and Anne Heinlein, Distanz Verlag, Berlin 2017
«Mittelland», Hesperus Verlag, Dresden 2016
«Alexanderplatz», Fotohof edition, Salzburg, 2014
«New Portraits», Art Museum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus, 2008
«Göran Gnaudschun – Photography», Michel Sandstein Verlag Dresden 2005
«Before you have to shoot us.», Tilsner Verlag 2001
«LONGE – 44 LENINGRAD», catalog Potsdam 1998
photo: Alberto-Novelli
Göran Gnaudschun

«I like people and I am interested in their living conditions: in social flash points, like the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, in the normality of Hannover, in the nowhere of the former border between East and West Germany or in the periphery of Rome.

I try to understand how people live. Portraits, snapshots, found footage and texts are part of my multilayered works.

Time is relative and photography is an endless extended present. Our statements can only be subjective. If we accept this, we can find out, who we are, why we are interested in our theme and find out the reason why we show our images to others.

The closer we take photographs on our own sensibility the better a personal, superordinate truth can grow in our images.»

photos from the series: «Berlin-Alexanderplatz»