1979 born in Berlin

2005 – 2008 study of architecture at the TFH Berlin

2009 – 2012 studies at the Ostkreuz School of Photography among others with Sibylle Fendt

since 2013 freelance photographer

2013 – 2017 member of the photographer collective and exhibition space exp12, Berlin

since autumn 2016 member of the photographer agency Ostkreuz

Lives and works in Berlin




• Vonovia Award for Photography for “Blickwechsel”
• Otto-Steinert-Prize of DGPh for “Blickwechsel”
• Hansel-Mieth-Prize for “Class struggle prevails here”

• Prix Exchange Boutographies/ Fotoleggendo for “Blickwechsel”

• Shortlist stern-scholarship “Young photography”

• Favorite of the portfolio walk of the DFA at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
• Favorite of the portfolio review – 5th FotofestivalMannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg
• Working scholarship VG picture art

Exhibitions (selection)

• “Narrow paths/ exchanging glances”, Freelens Gallery, Hamburg

• “Demolition” artistic photography, Home of the guest, Waren
• Exhibition “De tous les noirs et blancs”, Arcades II, Montée de l’église, Clervaux
• Group exhibition “Errance Blanche”, Photo studio ParisBerlin, Arles
• Group exhibition, “Berlin-Wedding”, Gallery Wedding-space for contemporary art, Berlin
• Group exhibition “25 years Ostkreuz” Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome

• Festival Fotoleggendo, Rome
• Group exhibition, “Positions”, Photobastei, Zurich
• Festival Les Boutographies 16th edition, La Panacée, Montpellier
• Group exhibition, “THE THIRD LOOK“, City-Gallery Kiel

Various publications in (among others)

Capital, Courrier International, chrismon, Cicero, German Photographic Academy, The Time, The Friday, The Wedding, Financal Times, Geo, Geo Season, Greenpeace Magazine, Monopol, Stern, Time Magazine

Ina Schoenenburg

One focus of my photographic work is the human being in his relationship to landscape and nature.
My approach ranges from documentary observation to staging. I am interested in the conflicts of my protagonists, their interpersonal relationships and their relationship to their environment.

With insights into everyday situations I want to show intimate privacy that renounces voyeurism and respects the personality.


Our weekend seminar is dedicated to the photographic portrait.We will try to penetrate from the external appearance to the essence of the person portrayed, always in the context of his social and personal environment. We embark on a search for beauty in everyday life, the uniqueness of man.

In addition, we will deal with various styles in portrait photography. The staged will play just as much a role as the naturalistic portrait. Photo-historical examples from different eras will illustrate this. The acquired knowledge should enable the participants to present the topic as serial work in a group exhibition.

Dates (10am – 6pm)3/2/24

Evening Seminar

The evening seminar takes place on a Wednesday biweekly from 6pm – 10pm (a total of 20 appointments)

In the seminar I have two goals:
First, the development of authorship.
The course participants should take their own photographic attitude and develop their individual expressiveness.
Second, the improvement of photographic skills
The analysis of exemplary photographic works from the past and the present should be combined with the attempt of their creative application.
Also important is the exchange of experiences between the participants, the mutual enrichment.

During the year, a photographic project will be developed. Various procedures are welcome. We will explore the possibilities of documentary, journalistic, artistic and conceptual photography. The topic can be chosen freely. Disputes with social conditions are desired, but not mandatory. It is also possible to discuss existing or started work. At the end of the year, an exhibition of the results will be realised. For this we will deal with the presentation forms of each work.