Born 1957 in Jena

1974 – 1977 Apprenticeship as an electrician

1973 – 1982 Studied film and television technology at the film academy Babelsberg

1985 – 1991 Studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Diploma with Arno Fischer

Assistant for Ludwig Schirmer

Since 1988 freelance as photographer

2006 – 2009 lecturer at the Design School Schwerin

Since 2008 lecturer at the Ostkreuzschule

Jürgen Gebhardt
Designed photographs also require technical skills, or they are gifts of chance. So it is necessary, perhaps even essential that photographers acquire these technical skills. Knowledge and reflected actions are routes to these skills. This is where I can offer support so you can look for, find and fix safe, small anchorages in time with your photography.
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