1984 born in Berlin, raised in Hamburg

2005-2011 communication design/photography HAW Hamburg with Prof. Ute Mahler (diploma)

since 2011 working as freelance photographer

since 2012 assistance in the archive of Ludwig Schirmer

2012-2017 Agency-member of Picturetank (Paris)

2015-2018 Assistent and student of Ingo Taubhorn and Prof. Ute Mahler in postgraduateclass of Ostkreuzschule in Berlin

Since 2023 Head of School (together with Jörg Brüggemann) and lecturer at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin.



Grants, Fellowships, Awards

2017 Lotto-foundation Young Talent Artprize

2016 Voies Off Prize, Finalist

2014 ‘Artist in Residence‘ in Kaliningrad, Russia, sponsored by Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop

2014 DAAD-Grant

2013 VG Bildkunst – Grant

2012 Neuland-Award

published in (selection)

M le Monde
Dummy Magazin
Huck Magazine
Geo Spezial
Taz-die Tageszeitung
der Freitag

Lia Darjes
As a photographer, I work on free documentary projects and at the same time as a photojournalist on assignment.
I like the productive, efficient workflow that comes with the professionalism when working for editors. At the same time, I enjoy the artistic freedom when working on my own projects. Here, I can take a step back and have the time to deliberate a topic in regard to visual aesthetics and content.
My photographic work is always of documentary nature. I find it very fascinating/appealing to make out/explore the limitations of documentary photography and to anticipate the viewer’s experience while taking the pictures. For every project, I develop a new visual handwriting that makes sense in view of each subject matter.
In my class, I want to establish a strong foundation of knowledge for the students that allows them to realize photographic projects in various possible directions. Technical skills and the knowledge and history of art and photography should grow organically around each other. We will intensively look at contemporary photography as well as scour 180 years of photographic history; additionally, we will think on which photographic technique is best used for the topic at hand.

© Lia Darjes