since 2009 Lectureship at the Ostkreuzschule, Berlin

1992 – 2004 artistic collaboration named Kubiak & Rauch

1991 Creation of the art journal „Neue Bildende Kunst“, with Matthias Flügge and Michael Freitag

since 1989 freelance photographer and artist

January 1989 emigrated to West-Berlin

1986 – 1989 studied at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, with Prof. Arno Fischer

1986 publication ban on all media in the GDR

1985 first publications for several news magazines of GDR

1981 – 1985 studied documentary photography at Karl-Marx-Universität Leipzig

1960 Born in Leipzig, former GDR

Ludwig Rauch
A game with reality
The longer you look at Ludwig Rauch’s images, the more ambiguous they become. Paintings? Photography? … perhaps a little of both? Although buildings, landscapes, and people are clearly recognizable, the works never really seem to reveal their innermost secrets.
Instead the viewer ends up circumventing characteristics that are all too often ascribed to photographers — showing the truth, telling a story, being objective.
«Nothing true at all», is what Rauch has entitled his extensive show at the Kunstraum Potsdam and adds, «Yet everything you see, really exists.»
Silke Müller, stern, 2016
Claim and redemption
The focus of my seminar is the examination of the premises of artistic photography. Together we will find a topic for everyone and determine the best artistic realization. In art there are very few criteria of an objective evaluation of the quality of a work. For me, the relationship between individual claim and its best possible redemption is one such criterion. Requirement for an exciting seminar is your willingness to work with me on the resulting images.
Daily Distraction of Living, 2016, 140 x180 cm
Still Positive, 2016, 140 x 180 cm