Annette Hauschild born in Giessen in 1969, lives and works in Berlin.

1991-1993 photographic training at the Lette-Verein, Berlin.

2003-2004 master class with Arno Fischer in the photography school at Schiffbauerdamm.

Since 1996 member of Photo agency Ostkreuz.

Works as a commissioned photographer and realises free long-term projects.

Annette Hauschild


Her work can be seen in numerous group and individual exhibitions such as C/O Berlin, Hellerau – European Center for the Arts, Dresden; House of World Cultures, Berlin, Academy of Arts, Berlin.
Among other things, she received the grant from the media art section of VG Bildkunst, the Grenzgänger grant from the Robert Bosch Foundation and the initial grant from the Academy of Arts.

Annette Hauschild

»(…) I would first like to explain a few things about the context in which Annette Hauschild’s work came about. Because in this area of ​​photography, which is located in the aesthetic no-man’s-land between art and design, so to speak, we find backgrounds to research and depiction that we are rarely aware of.In fact, today we are used to consuming photographs in magazines without hesitation, as if they only had their traditional place there.However, when we encounter the same works in museums, galleries or, as here, in an exhibition, we are not surprised.Is it now a question of journalistic documentation or an aesthetically autonomous art form? Is this observed objectively or interpreted freely?Both are probably true – and this “being in between” of this type of photography may also be the reason why it touches us so directly. (…)«
Source: Annette Geiger (excerpt from the opening speech at the Einstein Forum, Potsdam)

evening sessions
Addressed are Participants who want to work on a project intensively and for a longer time. At the beginning of the seminar it will be about analysing your own view of the world and your personal interest in photography. Together we will support each other in the process of developing an individual approach and work. There are no limits to photographic styles here. What is important is the willingness to work independently and to immerse yourself deeply in a subject. It goes without saying that one’s own topic is always located in the context, so contemporary and classic examples of photography will accompany our work. From my experience in commissioned photography and with free documentary projects, I am familiar with many photographic creative processes. In this way I would like to support the participants in trusting their own abilities and interests and want to create a space for creative exchange. At the end of the year, the resulting works will be presented in an exhibition. The development of an adequate form of presentation is part of the seminar.
dates for the evening sessions: