Irina Ruppert (* 1968 in Aktjubinsk, Kazakhstan) is a photographer and lecturer in artistic documentary photography at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg and at the Ostkreuz School in Berlin. At the age of seven she moved to Hamburg with her family, where she has lived ever since.
She completed her diploma in 2002 at the HAW Hamburg in the design department with a focus on photography with Ute Mahler. Her work has received international awards and been exhibited, e.g. in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, at the photo festival in Arles and in the State Art Gallery in Russe.
Irina Ruppert gained notoriety through her illustrated book Rodina, for which she photographed in Russia and Eastern Europe. In it she deals with the topic of emigration. Her photographic works Cortorar Gypsies about traditionally living Roma in Romania and Erz. 7139 about seasonal workers in Rhineland-Palatinate were well received. Works by Ruppert are represented in the Altenburg auction house, in the Forum for Photography, in the Kominek Gallery in Berlin and in the collection of the ZF Art Foundation.


Irina Ruppert