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2018 work stipend VG-Bildkunst for photo-Essay New York

2018 «Street.Life.Photography» Deichtorhallen Hamburg, exhibition/book

2016 «Landsleute 1977-1987» exhibition in dkw, Cottbus

2015 «Two Germanys – 1977–1987» at CO Berlin, book with Kehrer

2014 100 Years LEICA Photography

2008 Argus-Gallery, Berlin: Downtowns, 2000 – 2007

2008 FreeLens Gallery Hamburg: «Unterwegs in London, Straßenfotografie 1967 – 2006»

1999 stern-book: «Der Reichstag und seine Verwandlung»

1987 Grant from Museum Folkwang Essen

1986 IfA: «Deutschlandbilder – Family Festivities»

1986 DGPh

1978 Museum Folkwang Essen: Otto Steinert und Schüler

1975 co-founded with André Gelpke and Gerd Ludwig VISUM as the first German photographers´ group, with equal shares in the agency and leaving the copyright with the photographers

1970 and 1971 Deutscher Jugendfotopreis

1969 – 1975 Study of Photography under Otto Steinert, Essen

Born in 1949

Rudi Meisel
Weekend Seminar
Reportage, portrait, essay
Take photographs of a found or invented subject about a person or a group and show in black-and-white or color what you have to tell.
Whether direct, close, shrill, poetic, illustrative, associative or mysterious – after 10 meetings over the year, you can achieve a presentable work as a reportage, portrait series or essay.
The group discussion is the protected space for criticising and receiving criticism. In need I will show examples and ask questions to help you on the way.
Certainly, you will reach a new goal beyond yourself. You will discover a hitherto unknown experience for your photography
What is the effect of your photography and why?
Saturdays, 10am-6pm
-> new semester

Berliner (w/m/d), 2019