Born 1962 in Berlin
1982 trainee for photography and camera assistant at DEFA, first portrait photographs result
Magazine publications for “Sonntag” and “Das Magazin”
Mentoring by Helga Paris
1985-1986 assistant for Rudolf Schäfer
Works as a fashion photographer for “Sibylle” magazine
In the 1990’s bouncer in the Berlin club scene
Since 2003 continuation of photographic work

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Solo exhibitions (selection)
galerie:pixelgrain, Berlin (2011)
Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Berlin (2009)
Galerie Viaux, Berlin (2007)
Berghain, Berlin (2007)
Group exhibitions (selection)

Berlinische Galerie (2012/2013)
Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Turin (2012)
Berghain, Berlin (2011)
Akademie der Künste, Berlin (2009)
Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin (2009)
Trolley Berlin / Apartment Galerie, Berlin (2004)
X. Kunstausstellung der DDR, Dresden (1987/1988)
Sven Marquardt: Zukünftig vergangen, Fotografien 1984–2009, Mitteldeutscher Verlag, Halle, 2010
Sven Marquardt: Heiland, Mitteldeutscher Verlag, Halle, 2011
Represented by OSTGUT BOOKING, Berlin www.ostgut.de/booking/artist/25
Sven Marquardt
Sven Marquardt has remained true to himself. He has never done anything else other than taking passionate, or even grotesque portraits. He is the only photographer who connected the East Berlin tradition of Arno Fischer and Sibylle Bergemann with feverish fashion impulses of the west. With well-measured pathos, Marquardt definitely creates strength, even dignity. Sometimes it’s too much. Most of the time it’s on point. His easy going, melancholic style is fuelled by 1980’s Wave influences. Today his black and white pictures are iconic. Marquardt himself is also popular as one of the most charismatic bouncers of the Berlin club scene. The gloomy “Berghain” functions as his personal store of emotions. There his dark poetry arises. Every single photograph is the beginning of Autumn, between the unavoidable and the ecstatic.
Translated and adapted text originally by Christoph Tannert
The focus of my work has always been on people and portraits. While timid attempts at staged photography were the beginning, I have turned to working with conceptual photography for many years now. However, there are as manytruths and visions as there are people & pictures. Within my seminar I want to encourage every single student in his or her own imagery, vision and photographic confidence. I like contradictions and in the best cases they lead to beneficial creative exchanges. The idea of having an exhibition at the end of the seminar should be developed cautiously, one step at a time.
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