Born in 1952

1969 – 1971 training as a photo lab technician and Repro photographer at Dewag Berlin

1971 – 1989 Photojournalist at the Neue Berliner Illustrierte

1982 – 1987 External studies and diploma as photo designer at the HGB Leipzig

1990 Foundation of the agency OSTKREUZ

Freelance Photographer
Works for international magazines and journals in reportage, photo essay

since 1997 Internet Service Provider for photographers and photo agencies

2003 Lecturer in photojournalism at the FAS

2005 Foundation of OSTKREUZSCHULE

School management and teacher

Thomas Sandberg
We desire what we see

Getting a hold of things is the basic instinct of every photographer. The rest can be learnt. My camera is the tool of criminal and accomplice. The viewfinder helps me to make decisions. The lens shows me, even what I did not see. The film fixes my thoughts. But most important, is the shutter, it triggers the time and resolves my feelings. Just as one cannot step twice into the same river, a photograph is not  repeatable.


Kurhaus Ahrenshoop (abgerissen)


Lisabon Zoo, Gorillas

Plastik "Mädchen und Affe" im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

From the series “Bronze by Gold”, pictures to James Joyce