dTobias Kruse

1979 – 2000 Born and raised in Mecklenburg

1996 – 2000 training as a graphic designer

2000 – 2003 Graphic designer in a Berlin publishing company

2003 – 2004 employee at Reporters Without Borders

2004 – 2007 employee at Ostkreuz – Agentur der Fotografen

2004 – 2007 studies at the Ostkreuz School of Photography with Prof. Ute Mahler, then a master student of Prof. Arno Fischer

Since 2007 freelance photographer

2007 – 2010 also photo editor at »Dummy« and »fluter«

Since 2011 member of the agency Ostkreuz

Lives and works in Berlin.

Awards (selection)

2008 Winners “New York Photo Award”, category “Student Editorial Series”

2010 Winner of “F/STOP”, 4th International Photography Festival, Leipzig

2011 Working scholarship VG picture art

2013 Konrad Wolf Prize of the Academy of Arts (for all Ostkreuz photographers)

2015 Working grant VG-Bildkunst

Various book and magazine publications with Hatje Cantz and Steidl, in dummy, Neon, NZZ Folio, SZ-Magazin, Tages-Anzeiger magazine, Wire, Time, Time Magazine and others.
Tobias Kruse
My seminar deals with contemporary documentary photography. A self-selected or assigned topic will be processed. Basis can be an interesting thesis or a text. To begin the process, the question of whether and why something is an issue, will be viewed from several perspectives. The goal is to leave the beaten path in applied work and to expand their own imagery. At the end of of the year every participant has created an intense, personal and surprising work. Individual access conveyed his personal attitude toward the subject. Concluding the seminar, the works will be presented as possible in an exhibition or publication – the idea about which is the correct form of presentation, is part of the seminar.
Sundays 10am – 6pm


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