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Paula Winkler

Paula Winkler was born in East Berlin in 1980. She studied at the FH Bielefeld with Katharina Bosse and has been a member of the OSTKREUZ agency since 2022.

Paula Winkler loves meeting people, which is why she specialises in portrait photography.
For her work “Exceptional Encounters”, she went to various sex platforms where she contacted men under the pseudonym Renate Rost to photograph them in hotel rooms. The photo session with them replaced the sexual encounter the men were originally looking for on the platform.
The work has been exhibited internationally and nationally several times, most recently in the exhibition “In the Cut – the male body in feminist art”.

Paula Winkler regularly photographs for renowned publishers, companies and magazines such as SZ Magazin, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Capital, Barbara Magazin, Hanser Verlag and Rewe.

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Portfolio consulting
We offer a review of your work in the context of a discussion with suggestions and criticism. We will give you advice and information on how to compile or develop your portfolio. Your current level of education is unimportant for this. Whether you are just starting to develop a portfolio or if you already have a portfolio for which you need criticism or a well-founded exchange.
For your individual appointment with Paula Winkler please bring your work in printed form (simple printouts suffice).


16. October 2022 – open house
between 11am and 6pm
every 45 minutes at the full hour

75,00 € + 19% MwSt.

Registration Concrete times are given after registration.

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