Base class Photography
Particular emphasis is placed on basic studies, which serve to discover the medium of photography in all areas. Photographic techniques are learnt and experienced within the distinctiveness of a photographic vision.

- Objectivity: photographic reproduction of objects with regard to materiality and physicality
– The life of things: The relationship of objects to each other and their surrounding spaces
– The external world: from space to landscape and architecture
– Portrait and people: from appearances to gestures and individuality
– Reportage and narrative: from the part to the whole, from the static to the moving, and from report to story
– Essay: from objectivity to subjectivity

– Deepening photographic craft skills
– practical and theoretical introduction to digital image processing
– Lectures on the history and theory of photography, as well as discussions on contemporary positions
– Design theory – theoretical and practical training
– practical guide for independent work in the digital and analogue labs and in the photo studio
– support for your own photographic projects beyond the classroom

IMG_1434_MaravKummerphoto: Mara von Kummer

– Minimum age 18
– Own photographic work
– Complete application documents
1st and 2nd semester
Summer Class: March to February
Winter Class: September to July
Teaching units
Total of 60 teaching days per year (8 hours, including breaks)
Tuition Fee
€ 480.00 monthly (2 semesters consisting of 5 months), VAT 19% included
One-time annual payment receives 3% discount