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lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg

1999–2004 studies in communication design/photography, University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Hamburg

Since 2004 member of Ostkreuz – Photographers Agency, Berlin

2005 studies at the Photography Department, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Zurich

2004–2006 graduate studies in visual communication, University of Fine Arts (HfbK), Hamburg


2008/2009 Teaching assignment, photography course at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin

2011-2017, since 2022 Teaching assignment at the Ostkreuz – School for photography, Berlin

2012 Teaching assignment at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Hamburg

2013/2014/2015 Teaching assignment at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW), Berlin

2016 Professorship for Photography at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Hamburg

Grants and Awards

2013 ZEIT-magazin Fotopreis

2011 European Photo Exhibition Award 2012

2009 Kulturwerk der VG Bildkunst – artist’s grant

2008 Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium für bildende Kunst – artist’s grant

2005/2006 Wüstenrot Stiftung für Dokumentarfotografie – sponsorship award

2005 7. Aenne-Biermann-Preis für deutsche Gegenwartsfotografie – acknowledgement prize

Oskar Barnack Preis – citation

2004 BFF-Förderpreis – graduate award

2003 Nachwuchs Förderpreis Kodak – young talent award

Linn Schröder
Within Linn Schröders series, every single frame forms itself in to a self contained work. She then puts them together and creates a coherent, atmospheric succession. That’s why her photography resembles poetry rather than prose. She doesn’t finish the story, but leaves an open end for the observer to resolve. Her works that often negotiate the relationship between dreams and reality are free from cliches or, for that matter, anything the observer might expect. Linn Schröder puts a lot of herself, in to her photographs and by so doing, enters a more personal sphere of of photography. When her little sister was ill, she took a portrait of her once a week for an entire year and this way documented not only the process of her extended recovery, but also the changes to their personal relationship in the meantime. The picture “Self Portrait with Twins and One Breast”, uses her own body to depict a deeply intimate story.
Text: Anna Hartmann
During this seminar each student develops a conceptual idea and translates it into an individual visual language. This is done in a conscious confrontation with the medium of photography and through a process of intense and independent picture taking. Our own experience and ideas will be implemented through the conversation. Another focus I will highlight is the appropriate form of presentation. The aim is to publish the resulting work in an exhibition or other publication.
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