lecturerphoto: Betty Fink


Betty Fink, born 1974 in Mannheim, lives and works in Brandenburg and Berlin.

1998-2003 photojournalistic trainee and photo editor at laif in Cologne

2003- 2015 agency management OSTKREUZ / Agentur der Fotograf*innen

Since 2015 photographic consultant, lecturer, curator, publisher, photo editor, …


Betty Fink
Hello, I am Betty Fink. I work as a photographic consultant and lecturer, I publish books, curate exhibitions, design and hold workshops. However, I mainly work with photographers individually to develop concepts for their projects, advising them on the further development of their work as well as on marketing issues. I develop websites and portfolios with them.
In the more than 25 years that I have worked with photographers in various capacities, I have observed how vulnerable paths of development are and how rocky the road to an established and distinctive photographic personality is – lined with personal, artistic and economic challenges. I would like to share my experience and offer exchange so that photographers can also gain strength in their external presentation. With inspiration and impulses, I want to initiate movement and create connections.
I ran the OSTKREUZ photography agency from 2003 to 2015. During this time, I worked internationally with all the major magazines, advertising agencies, book publishers, foundations and exhibition institutions in the field of journalistic, documentary and artistic photography … and with great photographers.
Portfolio development seminar

With this seminar, I aim to engage both experienced photographers and photography graduates.
› In 6 months (on 5 days) , we will work through all the necessary steps for your website, portfolio, and client acquisition
› We will edit your works for the website and portfolio
› Together, we will identify your greatest work successes and how you can build a suitable customer base.

Additionally, the seminar focuses on advancing in portrait photography.
Specifically, the outcomes will include:
› Developing your own photographic identity
› Creating a distinctive profile in external presentation (website/portfolio)
› Discovering your personal vision and developing a path for it
› Exploring and unlocking new opportunities
› Path towards a strengthened economic foundation



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portfolio development seminarBetty Fink
deadline 3rd of March 2024
begin April 2024